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My 4 Week Backyard Studio Build

My 4 Week Backyard Studio Build


Bringing Clay & Stem to life

What a year 2020 has turned out to be so far.... if you told me what was in store, I would not have believed you! I have dreamt of my own little creative space for a while, and although this has been a crazy time, the universe definitely knew I needed some time out to bring my dream to life! 

I started with a Pinterest board of delicious studio inspo (isn't Pinterest the best ever), it had been slowly brewing in my mind in the background.  I showed my partner and my Dad during the week and by the weekend we were sourcing secondhand windows and doors, buying timber and sketching ideas. 

We started by using recycled pallets, resting on bricks as a base for the floor (and by we I mean my Dad and my partner because let's be real, I just passed them things and got refreshments until I could paint and decorate ha!). 

I sourced some secondhand windows and glass panelled doors, giving them new life. I wanted as much natural light as possible so we also used alternating tin and clear polycarbonate roofing to create skylights which is one of my favourite features - the shadows are magic! 
We used cement sheeting for the outside walls and ply for the inside, all painted white, leaving a crisp, fresh feel. The two double french doors along with one of the windows open which allows a lovely breeze to flow through. 

The entire build was a family affair with all my favourites pitching in to help out (all while keeping that social distance, I promise). Including my favourite furry friend and daily work wife, Koda. 

All painted, vinyl flooring down and cacti feature garden completed it was time for me to decorate, as if that isn't the most exciting part! 

My secondhand venco pottery wheel is obviously the hero, however I upcycled the shelving unit and used some second hand vintage chairs and a glass vessel. I painted some artwork and utilised a white board as both a functional and decorative element. My work table has been passed down through the family, starting as a dinner table in the 70's and now helping me create - who doesn't love a good backstory. 

I am so appreciative and proud of all the work and love that went into this beautiful space! Big shout out to my man, my Dad and family and friends for all the support!

Big Love, Bronte xxx