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Clay and Stem Travels: Paris edit

Clay and Stem Travels: Paris edit

paris ville d'amour

Paris is known for being the "City of Love' and it totally lives up to the name, it is such a romantic city, full of culture, rich history, art and monument lined boulevards. 
I was so excited to be in this incredible city, we stayed for about 5 nights. We enjoyed our mornings, indulging on croissants and cafe creme, wandering the city, along the River Seine, exploring the Musee du Louvre and afternoon apéritifs - what more could you want! 
We trekked up the spiral staircase of the Arc de Triomphe to get the best view of the city, wandered down the Champs Elysees ending our day at the Eiffel Tower, to watch the sparkle. 
We picnicked on the grass, enjoying the sunshine and the front row view to the fountain and Eiffel tower.... memories to last a lifetime. 
My favourite highlight being the Musee Du Louvre, beautiful light streaming in, sculptures glistening, Nike of Samothrace and Venus De Milo strong and powerful yet elegant - inspiring my sculpture collection. I cannot forget, the longest line to the Mona Lisa, alone in a room full of iphones but still holding all the presence. Here are some of my favourite photos from Paris.

Enjoy, B xxx 

Sun shining on the Musee du Louvre, Paris